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Mindfulness and Stress Reduction with Janet Solyntjes, MA

What is mindfulness? Come and join Janet Solyntjes as she talks about Mindfulness and Stress Reduction. FULL TRANSCRIPT This is the story of how we are now in 2020 have mindfulness as a household word. Everywhere I go, people are familiar with it. And it all started in terms of the mainstream focus in the… Read More

Organic Acid Testing with Mary Rondeau, ND

Do you want to learn more about the gut and organic acids? Then, watch our video entitled “Organic Acid Testing” as Dr. Mary Rondeau talks about organic acids, gut dysbiosis and other topics as to why we should treat our gut first. FULL TRANSCRIPT So, the question to start off with this is like, why… Read More

Leaky Gut and Malabsorption by Pierre Brunschwig, MD

Did you know that having healthy tight junctions are key to protecting the brain and gut? Watch this video as Dr. Pierre Brunschwig talks about the Leaky Gut and Malabsorption. FULL TRANSCRIPT Now I spoke to you about gluten related disease, Candida related complex and malabsorption. And how that interplays with our tight junction structures… Read More