Gut Assessment and Treatment Planning by Pierre Brunschwig, MD

Why does the gut matter? Did you know that the gut can be a source of distress physically and psychologically? Come join us as Dr. Pierre Brunschwig talks about Gut Assessment and Treatment Planning. FULL TRANSCRIPT We’re struggling to pull this together. I often mention to patients, I say you know, we’ve learned a lot… Read More

TMS: It’s not just for TRD anymore by Earle Shugerman, MD

Check out this awesome video as Dr. Earle Shugerman talks about the significance and risks of TMS. FULL TRANSCRIPT And then in off label applications of TMS. We’ll talk about several of these – depression during pregnancy, postpartum depression, maintenance treatment for chronic depressive disorders, which is a very important area. Bipolar depression, depressive disorders… Read More

Copper, Zinc, Pyroluria and Histamine by Bill Billica, MD

Watch this video as Dr. Bill Billica talks about Histapenia, Histadelia and Kryptopyrroluria. FULL TRANSCRIPT Dr. Pfeiffer, he was orthomolecular, you know, supply cells with the right nutrients. The big thing is, in a lot of these conditions you need to give it time. You can’t necessarily expect to see an effect in a very… Read More