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Psychiatry For Anxiety

Are you suffering from anxiety and are looking for help?


Is Psychiatry Treatment for Anxiety Right for You?

  • Do you suffer from significant anxiety?
  • Have you tried therapy and medications repeatedly and it’s just not making enough of a difference?
  • Does your anxiety impact your relationships, work, quality of life, and/or quality of sleep?

Anxiety is a nearly ubiquitous problem and the past year has seen its occurrence increase dramatically. In the U.S., 1 in 5 people report suffering from anxiety.

Many of the causes of anxiety are attributed to our beliefs, habits, and repetitive responses to a rapidly changing environment. At IPC we look at the roots of your anxiety, using different lenses such as functional medicine, pharmacology, lifestyle medicine, and psychological sciences to determine the cause.

Anxiety can have us locked into mental, emotional, and relationship patterns that contribute to feeling stressed. However, with integrative psychiatry, it is entirely possible to regain a sense of yourself and find relief. It’s important to know that you can reconnect with feeling balanced, calm, and centered.

Our brains are uniquely wired, and stress can show up in different ways for different people. It may appear as social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and relationship distress. The symptoms of anxiety can manifest in difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, and difficulty waking up. Worrying, ruminating, and obsessing about problems are also common symptoms of anxiety. However, specific remedies are available to help you increase daily awareness, feel more balanced, and interrupt negative thought patterns.

Working Together

Working hand-in-hand with your integrative psychiatrist, we will explore the best plan of action for you. You’ll discover the wide range of natural remedies for anxiety. As we map our a personalized treatment plan, you’ll uncover which solutions are best suited for your biochemistry and preferences.

With integrative psychiatry for anxiety, you can find new horizons. You can look past reliance on pharmaceuticals that often produce challenging side effects and fail to resolve too many symptoms for many people. It’s possible to be consistently productive, upbeat, and grounded in ways that help you express your greatest potential.

We understand that your challenges may currently feel insurmountable, but if you are experiencing anxiety, we are here to help. You do not have to suffer alone. Please reach out to set up a consultation today.

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