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Psychiatry For Depression

Are you suffering from depression and are looking for help?

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Is Psychiatry Treatment for Depression Right for You?

  • Do you suffer from clinical depression and find you’re not getting better despite taking antidepressants or other medications?
  • Have you been feeling chronically sad? Do you find therapy helpful but feel like you need more to make a difference?
  • Are you having difficulty in your relationships?

You are not alone. Depression is a huge issue in our society, and sadly, millions of people are finding that traditional psychotherapy and medications are not the answer. The causes of depression vary widely. The psychological dimension of depression is often rooted in early childhood experiences, unresolved trauma, belief patterns, and a lack of spiritual connection. Physical conditions such as inflammation are linked with depression; yet, in traditional treatments, this connection is often overlooked.


The symptoms of depression can appear as sadness, lack of interest in life, low energy, worrying, ruminating, and avoiding people, places, or challenges. Over time, you may feel less and less like yourself. You may suffer from sadness, crying, or a desire to sleep all day. You may feel as if you no longer care about eating, exercising, or enjoying life.


Fortunately, there are effective treatments. With integrative psychiatry, you will have access to a much broader scope of treatment. By utilizing an integrative treatment framework, our IPC providers can help you find the best treatments for you. To do this, we may order blood tests, examine gut function, and systematically evaluate the underlying causes of your symptoms. We’ll apply natural remedies such as nutritional recommendations, supplements, and herbal remedies to address underlying causes.

Using these approaches, we can determine the best combination of dietary changes, exercise recommendations, mindfulness practices, trauma therapy, supplements, and herbal remedies to support your sense of wellness.

Integrative Psychiatry for Depression

With integrative psychiatry treatments for depression, you can feel like you again.

We’ll explore the root cause(s) of your depression, and utilize diverse holistic treatments and interventions. We will explore the best approaches to help you connect with your energy, spirit, and unique gift for living. Together, we will build a comprehensive plan that is focused on your health and wellness.

We understand that things may seem hopeless right now, but you can reconnect with your love of life. You do not have to suffer alone.

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