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How do you feel after going through psychedelic therapy?

Psychedelic therapy is different for everyone, just like any form of therapy. The way you feel and how you walk away feeling will differ from person to person. If you or a loved one are considering psychedelic therapy services, here’s what you need to know regarding what psychedelic therapy is, how it might make you feel during and afterward, and how it can benefit you. 


Commonly used to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD, psychedelic therapy is a form of therapeutic practice that involves utilizing a psychedelic to help ‘reset’ your brain when facing issues such as depression. Psychedelic therapy is used to help treat severe mental health issues. Currently, the only medicine available legally, off-label outside of a research setting for this purpose is ketamine.


If other options of treatment have failed time and time again, it may be recommended that you sit down for an evaluation and discuss psychedelic therapy services utilizing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Like any kind of treatment, having a medical evaluation beforehand is a must. This is an opportunity to let your doctor know about any concerns that you might be having as well as getting cleared medically for treatment.

Through discussing your medical history, personal feelings and more, the evaluation is a time to  determine if psychedelic therapy is right for you. 


Just like a standard medical procedure, having the guidance of a trained and certified professional helps ensure your safety and wellbeing throughout the process of psychedelic treatments. By having a professional team involved, you can put your focus on recognizing how you feel, knowing that you have a support system throughout the entire process. 


Before treatment you may feel nervous or distressed, or you could possibly feel excited to try a new potential method of therapy. No matter what you’re feeling prior to experiencing psychedelic therapy, it’s important to note and discuss with your doctor how you’re feeling during and after so that they can adjust treatments accordingly.

Many people express that they feel more grounded within hours of their first ketamine session. Some note that they experience a sense of lightness and have less repetitive, overwhelming thoughts. Others note a boost in confidence and see a drastic change in their energy levels following a psychedelic therapy session.

By creating a safe space to openly discuss your thoughts and feelings, it’s easy to gain perspective and recognize thoughts or feelings that may be harmful to your wellbeing. This allows your doctor or professional guide to help you create strategic methods that can help you cope with unwanted or overwhelming challenges.

If you’ve tried medications, attempted to find solutions in various forms of therapy, and are still living with mental health concerns, contact us to schedule an evaluation and see if psychedelic therapy is right for you.