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Novel Approaches to Traumatic Brain Injury by Dan Engle, MD

Watch our short video as Dr. Dan Engle shows us the pathophysiology of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). FULL TRANSCRIPT These are going to be novel approaches to TBI only because the standard care doesn’t really utilize a lot of these methodologies, even though they have really good data. Part of what happens in neurology, that… Read More

Botanicals by Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH, LMHC

When I integrate herbal medicine, I’m looking at bio individuality and genomics. I want to support the whole person’s health rather than targeting a symptom, per se. Watch our short video as Dr. Leslie Korn talks about Botanicals. FULL TRANSCRIPT We’re going to define some terms such as adaptogenic herbs. I’m going to give some… Read More

Advanced Nutraceuticals by Lawrence Cormier, MD

In terms of learning objectives, we’ll be covering some of the evidence-based medicine. Describing some specific interventions, we’re going to limit it to depression, anxiety, bipolar, and sleep, while identifying root causes is more at the root of functional medicine and integrative psychiatry. Learn more about Advanced Nutraceuticals with Dr. Lawrence Cormier by watching this… Read More

Functional Medicine for Addiction by William Billica, MD

Watch our short video as Dr. William Billica talks about digestion and amino acids. FULL TRANSCRIPT This is biochemical individuality. Everybody’s got their own pattern. There are core sets of the program that we use for the addicts that almost everybody goes on. But it is individual and the nutrients work together. Sometimes if you’re… Read More

Introduction to Methylation by Shelese Pratt, ND

Watch our short video as Dr. Shelese Pratt discusses what methylation is.   FULL TRANSCRIPT Why use genomics? Because, you know, it’s a hot topic, it has been a hot topic for several years now. Your patients are going to ask about it. They’re hearing about 23andMe on TV. They’re hearing from buzzwords, or they’re… Read More