Ketamine in Psychotherapy: Opportunities to Explore by Will Van Derveer, MD

Default mode network is a survival mechanism that protects us, looking for what’s not right in the situation. The role of meditation experience is associated in DMN activity and connectivity shows that the medial frontal and posterior cingulate cortex were relatively deactivated in experience meditators across all meditation types. DMN works subconsciously which implies that… Read More

Trauma and Memory Systems by Peter Levine, PhD

Dr. Peter Levine discusses how the memory system works and how this plays a part in facing and dealing with the traumatic past. Implicit memory is much less conscious than explicit memory. It forms into two sub-categories which are emotional memories (memories recalled when strong emotions are triggered or felt by a person in the… Read More

Gut-Brain and the Microbiome by Christopher A. Lowry, PhD

Microbial inputs in the early stages of life are very important. Certain types of bacteria and pathogens induce inflammation in the body which itself can have downstream effect later in life. Some bacteria have been seen to have evolved or co-evolved that they are able to induce anti-inflammatory or immuno-regulatory responses. Part of the hygiene… Read More