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Advanced Nutraceuticals: Complex Biotreatment Cross-Tapers by Lawrence Cormier, MD

Watch this video and learn about Advanced Nutraceuticals: Complex Biotreatment Cross-Tapers as Dr. Lawrence Cormier talks about MIF, MCNS and much more.


For me, the story begins back around 2000, the late 1990s actually, when Scott Shannon, Will Van Derveer, Janet Settle, and a couple other colleagues and I would meet every couple of months for peer support and clinical growth in the area of integrative psychiatry. And that really is a very important part of the integrative psychiatrist’s, integrative mental health practitioner’s journey. And one of the important elements that Keith and Will have included in this IPI fellowship.

Scott would mention this out of the box product called EMPowerplus, and he was very impressed with it. And he told me how it had been transformative for some of his most difficult to treat patients, and he encouraged me to, you know, look into it.

It wasn’t until 2004, that I treated my first patients with the product available at that time from Truehope, EMPowerplus, and I haven’t looked back.

What is a Multi-Ingredient Formula (MIF)?

Julia Rucklidge and Bonnie Kaplan have really done a lot of work not only in the clinical research, but in helping to establish the nomenclature and the parameters. It is so important for any treatment modality so that we know what we’re talking about, we can communicate, and research can be compared and built upon.

It’s important then to distinguish a multi-ingredient formula product from that which is not. So, it’s somewhat arbitrary, but important for research and clinical practice that if the product is three or less vitamins and minerals, it is not an MIF.  Ayurvedic medicine or internal medicine, those are other worlds.

Medications, by Group

For those who are taking psychoactive meds I mentioned earlier, we have the two groups. The standard medication group, which is typically reduced in increments of one quarter of the starting dose, and then the so called Red Flag meds, which are reduced at 1/8 increments.

What are Micronutrients?

What are these micronutrients that constitute the majority of the ingredients in the MIF? For the most part, they are minerals and vitamins and not amino acids, essential fatty acids, hormones, and some of the other very important nutraceuticals.

And even though the formulas do include some botanicals, we don’t consider them to be micronutrients. The relevance of micronutrients to mental health has been appreciated for a century.

Even in this modern era, we have the Eastern medicine, you know, issuing important policy and public health statements regarding nutrition, causing or altering the course of a disease.