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Copper, Zinc, Pyroluria and Histamine by Bill Billica, MD

Watch this video as Dr. Bill Billica talks about Histapenia, Histadelia and Kryptopyrroluria.


Dr. Pfeiffer, he was orthomolecular, you know, supply cells with the right nutrients. The big thing is, in a lot of these conditions you need to give it time. You can’t necessarily expect to see an effect in a very short period of time. Although with Kryptopyrroluria, you can. You can see a phenomenal result in a week or less.

Pfeiffer’s the big guy. Again, Princeton Brain Bio center, 20,000 patients, 29 causes. His five main causes:
● Histapenia and high copper he found in 50%
● High histamine, Histadelia and low copper in 20%
● Kryptopyrroles with low zinc, low B6 in 30%.
● And then for the 95% of he also looked at gluten and hypoglycemia – blood sugar issues.

So those five conditions he found in 95% of the patients, of 20,000 patients, and basically working with nutrient based therapies added significant benefit to our improvement and/or recovery in 95%. So it really can be a big support.

Histapenia: Classically have anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations.
High copper, low zinc and low histamine can look the same. You can certainly have copper zinc disorders without a histamine disorder. The classic presentations are these people have anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and seizures.

Histadelia Treatment or Nutrients
Alright, so other parts of the treatment:
● A lower protein complex carb diet – still not a lot of sugar and refined foods.
● Calcium and magnesium. Use both of those. Magnesium and vitamin C help modulate histamine. Calcium releases the histamine so it can be broken down.
● Inositol. Inositol is great for calming the mind in most of these high histamine people. Inositol helps them get to sleep. But Inositol can also make them tired.

Kryptopyrroluria or Pyroluria
Comes and goes with stress on the patient.

We all have Kryptopyrroles in our bodies, all of us.

It is a waste product of making our blood and our hemoglobin. It’s when it gets high that it causes problems. It is an inherited trait. So, this is also genetics. In the general population, it’s found in about 10 to 11% of the population.

On taking supplements before tests

Being on supplements, being on medication, being on an antihistamine before doing histamine test and stuff, they can affect it. If somebody is taking a multi or taking them, try and stop them for a couple days.

Again, is that enough?

Most of the people who come in and are doing poorly usually aren’t taking supplements and things so you’ve got a free shot at it.