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Mariah Rossel, M.Ed., LPC

Mariah has spent over 15 years working with the Lakota and the Shipibo. So, her work is based on the relationships of all people and all things. She is passionate about helping people explore the depth of their psyche and create space in their mind, body, and spirit. She believes in everyone’s ability to experience deep healing and holds space for this change to come through for her clients

Mariah developed an interest in working in counseling after over a decade of studying ritual and plant medicines while working with indigenous populations in North and South America. She had her first experience volunteering with MAPS in 2006 and was fascinated by the speed at which plant medicines were able to help people change their lives. After seeing people have ineffable experiences of the divine and shift their life paths, she heard this work calling to her

Mariah Rossel is a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate originally from Ohio. She completed her undergraduate studies in Religious Studies and World Dance & Culture at the University of Colorado at Boulder and later earned a degree in Holistic Health from Red Rocks Community College and she earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lamar University. Early in her career, Mariah did court ordered Domestic Violence and DUI therapy as well as working with families and children involved with social services. She has over a decade of experience volunteering with Zendo and in other psychedelic sitting capacities.


M.Ed Clinical Mental Health Counseling- Lamar University
Certified MAPS MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy
200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher