Katie Markley, MA, LPC, LAC

Katie can best be described as valuing the relationships she builds with her clients and relaying the genuine sense that their lives matter. She is passionate about altered states medicine work as she has witnessed their capacity to facilitate deep healing. Drawing from her experience as a member of the Native American Church, Katie views the practice of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to be an access point for clients to experience expanded states of consciousness. She is trained by MAPS in the MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. In addition, she has worked with Medicinal Mindfulness as both a participant and assistant in their Psychedelic Sitters School, giving her much experience blending psychotherapy with altered states.

Katie graduated with a Transpersonal Psychology degree from Naropa University in 2012 and has since been seeing clients in private practice. She is trained in EMDR and also served as an assistant in the Bridging Soma & Soul training where the most current methods, informed by neuroscience and somatic psychotherapy, are taught as practical techniques for supporting wholeness in others through nervous system integration and trauma healing.

Education and Trainings:

MA Transpersonal Psychology: Art Therapy, Naropa University
Certified MAPS MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy
Psychedelic Sitters School, Medicinal Mindfulness
Somatic Trauma Training: Soma & Soul
EMDR II Certified