Erin VanGilder

Erin is a wife, mother, and “human” to two amazing Rhodesian Ridgebacks. A lifetime ago, she received a BA in psychology and a double minor in holistic health & wellness, and nutrition. She is a certified health coach, yoga & meditation instructor, and self proclaimed food nerd. A plant-fueled human, she’s a firm believer in seasonal, organic, real food. This naturally makes her an advocate against cruelty and abuse of any kind to animals, people and nature. But please don’t worry, she’s not a preachy plant eater. In fact she’s very open to curiosity and conversation, and simply believes that we all could use a few more fruits and veggies in our lives, and a lot more kindness and compassion.

Because she’s naturally curious about others, and enjoys conversations and helping people so immensely, she came to work for Integrative Psychiatry Centers by way of the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. Prior to that, she taught yoga and mediation in both clinical and studio settings. Although after two decades of teaching, she [sort of] retired, now only teaching workshops privately for a select few clients. When not having conversations with people, you can find her snuggled up with her pups reading one of the 5 books she’s currently gotten herself into, cooking (sometimes not so successfully), or watching British Mysteries. In the winter months, she’s an avid skier; and in the warmer ones, she’s riding her road bike, trying desperately to keep up with her husband who’s a semi pro-cyclist and her son, who will be entering U23 this year.