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Elizabeth Cordes, DO

We are at an exciting time in medicine, where innovative treatments are finally available to address people suffering with their mental health. As an integrative psychiatrist, I seek not only to relieve patients’ symptoms, but to genuinely improve their quality of life in mind, body, and spirit. By identifying root causes and taking into account the whole person, true healing can occur.

By considering imbalances in a patient’s body, mind, and lifestyle, a more holistic approach is taken that leads to an empowering healing process. As a physician, my role is to establish a therapeutic partnership while guiding a return to health. While traditional medication management of symptoms can be a part of the treatment plan, medications alone will neither address nor treat all causes of psychiatric symptoms. Balanced mental wellness may be accomplished through a combination of psychotherapy, low-dose medications, nutritional interventions, functional medicine, supplements, exercise, and meditation and relaxation techniques.

I strive to incorporate spirituality into patients’ treatment while respecting individuals’ unique beliefs and values.
At the core of integrative psychiatry is the possibility of moving beyond unnecessary mental suffering and
reaching your potential.

Education and Training:
BA Medical Ethics; University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK 1994

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine,
Tulsa, OK 1998
Residency: Psychiatry, Griffin Memorial Hospital, Norman, OK 1994-1998
Women’s Functional & Integrative Medicine Professional Training Program,
Aviva Romm, MD 2017-2018
Fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry: Psychiatry Redefined, James Greenblatt, MD 2019
Fellowship in Integrative Psychiatry: Integrative Psychiatry Institute, Will Van Derveer, MD; Keith
Kurlander, MA, LPC, 2019-2020
Accelerated Resolution Therapy, training and certification, 2019


**Dr. Cordes is no longer accepting new patients.  She will be leaving our practice at the end of December 2022.